Case study: Langs Building Supplies

Queensland-based Langs Building Supplies offers whole-of-house supplies and construction. The company was founded by Bob Lang in 1976 and provides a full range of professional services including specs and quotes, cut and prefab, and pack and send.



  • Insufficient yard space
  • Slow truck turnaround times
  • Workplace safety

As Langs’ business grew, the amount of stock needing to be stored and transported from the warehouse increased with it. Yard space was shrinking, driver downtime during the loading and unloading process cost the company more than $436,000 annually, and the increased activity elevated the risk of falls from heights.



  • 30 Roadpods
  • 1 x 12-tonne forklift
  • 1 x spreader bar
  • 15 x rack sets

Langs invested in Roadpods which could be pre-packed at ground level for pick-up and delivery, lowering loading and unloading times to around three minutes and slashing driver downtime expenses to just $21,840 per year.

Use of the pods also eliminated the risk of falls from heights. The forklift is used to lift the pods onto and off trucks. Purchase of Roadpod racks to store packed and empty pods freed up yard space and created a more orderly environment. Upgrading to the Roadpod system also saved Langs money on double handing and associated damages. The ROI on the Roadpod system was returned in two years.


“The team at Roadpod specifically engineered a system to suit our current fleet and since implementation, we’ve increased the safety of our employees while loading trucks at heights.

Since the introduction of the Roadpod system, we have had zero incidents regarding the loading of trucks at heights as we are now able to load at ground level, something we’ve never been able to do before.  As materials are pre-slung, there is no need for anyone to work at heights while unloading the pod.

After the first of our fleet was fitted with Roadpod and trialled in the yard we noticed that it also benefited the company commercially. Not only did we increase productivity by having our ground crew pre-load deliveries ahead of time, we were able to triple the number of deliveries made each day.

Due to the success of the Roadpod system, we are currently fitting our whole fleet with this revolutionary design.

Before Roadpod, our delivery schedule could never keep up with fabrication but now fabrication can’t keep up with delivery.”
Langs Building Supplies General Manager, David Wuiske

“It’s our goal to transform the transport industry by becoming the world leader in systems that promote safety and efficiency.”
Roadpod Director, Paul Harazim