Case study: Keith Timber Group

South Australia-based Keith Timber Group is a privately owned company specialising in the supply of timber, hardware and building materials to the South Australian and western Victoria trade and retail markets. The company was established by Frank and DotLivingston in 1945 and has grown from a small country town business to a dominant player in the South Australian frame and truss, timber and hardware markets.


  • Workplace safety

Keith Timber Group delivers prefabricated wall frames and roof and floor trusses which requires staff to climb on and off trucks to load and unload freight, creating a falls from heights risk.



  • 6 x 45ft Roadpods
  • 1 x spreader bar
  • 1 x 12-tonne forklift

Keith Timber Group invested in Roadpods which can be packed and unpacked at ground level, eliminating the risk of falls from heights. The forklift is used to lift the pods onto and off trucks. The system provided additional  bonuses: It slashed driver downtime costs from $109,200 annually to just $5,460 per year, it cut loading times to three minutes and saved the company money on double-handling and associated damages. The ROI on the Roadpod system was returned in two years.

A load almost complete


A load strapped and slung and ready for the next truck

“I’ve worked within this industry for 20 years, and have seen innumerable trucks being loaded. 

A standard load of materials for delivery would easily measure in excess of 2m from ground level. And each week we would load approximately 16 trucks for delivery, give or take, so that’s 16 opportunities for a falling from heights incident to occur in our workplace.

Loading trucks isn’t a task we were able to eliminate, so we went in search of a solution that could help us cut back on the risk of falling from height injuries. That’s when we discovered Roadpod.

The team at Roadpod specifically engineered a system comprising of 6 x pods measuring 45ft. They took into account our current fleet, plant and budget and provided ongoing support right from the start through the completion. They were always on hand to answer any questions that we had and really made it an enjoyable experience.  

Since the introduction of the Roadpod system, we have had zero incidents regarding the loading of trucks at heights as we are now able to load at ground level, something we’ve never been able to do before.”
Keith Timber Group Director, Michael Read


“It’s our goal to transform the transport industry by becoming the world leader in systems that promote safety and efficiency.”
Roadpod Director, Paul Harazim