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Roadpod provides Australia’s transportation and logistics industries the most efficient, cost-effective containerised system for manufacturing plants and freight distribution, by quickly and easily converting trucks and utility trailers into multi-use vehicles - One truck, unlimited possibilities.

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Save time

No need to double or triple handle your product. Load pods prior to trucks arriving in your depot or yard. Pre-pack and tie down your cargo directly to Roadpods at ground level, ready for shipment. 

& Money

More Roadpods equals less expensive plant and equipment by either reducing it or utilising it in other areas of the business. Needing fewer trucks will save you money.

Work smarter

Adopting one of our multi-use flat rack systems allows you to increase volume without taking up more space. See how our custom-designed solutions empower your business and boost its potential. 

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Roadpod with StillagesDropdeck TrailerRoadpod with Stillages

*Reference Roadpod model shown on a Skeleton Trailer.
Only models are available for various industries and applications.


Years of experience in design, engineering & manufacturing.


Bespoke container & truck body manufacturer in Australia & abroad.


Proudly Australian-owned & operated.


Customer service, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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