Steel pipe handling safety: A report on how to manage workplace risks

I recently came across the latest incident report from Workplace Health & Safety Queensland regarding falls from trucks and felt that I should write a case study to help spread the word about how Roadpod could've potentially prevented both of these incidents. If you feel someone would benefit from this information, I hope you'll share this post!

The Incident: Worker falls from truck, crushed by steel pipe

Pipes can easily roll when they’re being lifted, lowered, pushed, carried or restrained on truck beds, so it’s important to take every precaution to prevent incidents from occurring. A fall-related fatality is not only devastating for the worker’s family, co-workers and the community, it can also have a catastrophic impact on your business. In 2018, a truck driver was fatally crushed by a load of timber, resulting in a $210,000 fine for the company. ​

The Challenge: Cylindrical pipes are hazardous to move

Loading and unloading freight poses injury risks if a fall arrest system or height safety equipment isn’t used. Paying WorkCover and sick leave can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity. It also has a negative impact on workplace morale.

The Solution: The Roadpod fall prevention truck loading system

Roadpod is the only fall prevention solution that allows companies to load and unload freight at ground level, ensuring employees return to their loved ones unharmed at the end of the work day.

Ready to protect your employees from fall-related injuries?

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