LMS Series (Light materials)

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The RP40-FT-7 mesh floor engineered, lightweight base frame is specifically designed to handle lighter goods up to 5-tonne capacity. The lightweight design is a turnkey solution for customers wanting a proven system for road transport, without having to modify off-the-shelf container systems.









Roadpod Builder


  • Designed, engineered and manufactured to Australian and international standards 
  • Standard ISO 40-foot container blocks and locations 
  • Steel construction
  • 2.3 tonne tare weight  
  • Sunken integrated drop box 
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish 
  • Mesh floor
  • Forklift pockets 
  • Capable of fitting skeleton trailers  
  • Inbuilt dunnage with retractable outriggers 
  • 10 x 2500 tonne integrated load binders 
  • Able to lift a fully loaded base frame with a forklift
  • Manufacture time is 4 to 6 weeks 
  • Patented locator system       

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia using up to 90% locally sourced materials.

Suited for

It is ideal for transport, manufacturing and supply companies requiring a proven safe and efficient solution to carry lightweight materials like timber framing and timber. 

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